Working Better Together Report

We surveyed nearly 500 UK property professionals to better understand the changing relationship between conveyancers and estate agents.

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Here's what we found:

  • The relationship between estate agents and conveyancers is in a state of flux.
  • Cross-profession collaboration is not easy and is compounded by many feeling overworked, underpaid, and undervalued.
  • There is optimism that the relationship can be improved, but fundamental changes are needed to lay the groundwork.

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The relationship has changed

82% of our survey respondents have noticed a change in the relationship between conveyancers and estate agents. during their career.

Different jobs. Same frustrations

Feeling undervalued (16%), increasing costs (16%) and being overworked (15%) are the top three frustrations felt by both conveyancers and estate agents.

Referral fees are causing a stir

59% of our survey respondents agree referral fees have negatively impacted the relationship.

In this report, we further share:

  • Why the current relationship is the way it is.
  • What conveyancers and estate agents think has impacted the relationship.
  • Examples of what's needed to get the relationship back on track.
  • The impact of the property transaction process on the state of the relationship.