Enquiry Manager

Raise, view, manage and respond to enquiries over the Coadjute network. Turn one of the most opaque and frustrating parts of a transaction into a transparent and seamless process.

For Conveyancers

Smart Enquiry Management

Take full control of the enquiry process and never lose sight of progress.

The Enquiry Manager lets you raise and respond to enquiries without switching systems. Raise and clearly track sub-enquiries if more information is needed. When everything for an enquiry has been completed simply mark it as satisfied. Everyone will receive real-time updates as and when an enquiry is progressed so you’ll never have to send an email update again.

Need to get an Estate Agent's input? Simply share the enquiry with them.

  • Enquiry Create
  • Enquiry Review
  • Enquiry Sub enquiries

For Conveyancers

Enquiry Bank

Tired of repeating yourself raising the same enquiries again and again?

Save the enquiries you know you’ll use again and again in the Enquiry Bank. Enquiries can be edited and raised from the bank as and when you need them, allowing for personal choice and reducing the chance for inconsistencies.

  • Enquiry Bank Manage
  • Enquiry Bank Add New
  • Enquiry Bank Edit

For Estate Agents

Never be in the dark

It’s frustrating not being able to give your client updates on enquiries when they ask, well with Coadjute - no more!

With the option for agents to see the progress of raised enquiries, you’ll never be in the dark again. Get updates as enquiries are raised and follow their progress as the transaction moves along.

Enquiry Messages

Take the pain out of managing enquiries

The enquiry manager puts the transparency back into a typically opaque part of the property transaction. Everyone has the same view into the progress of the transaction and real-time updates mean you never miss a thing.

Icon Highly Secure

Highly secure enquiries

Unlike other solutions on the market, enquiries raised in Coadjute are securely stored on blockchain and cannot be modified nor deleted once created.

You’ll have peace of mind and an unchangeable record of what has happened throughout the transaction.

Icon Stay Updated

Stay updated

Never lose sight of the status of a transaction.

As enquiries are raised or responded to everyone who needs to know will receive real-time updates. Keeping participants on the same page.

Icon Save Time

Speed up the process

Tired of sending the same updates to parties over and over again?

Coadjute enables everyone involved to receive real-time updates as enquiries are progressed. You’ll never have to write a length email update or respond to an update call again.


Coadjute, creating a better property market for everyone.