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Changing the way you buy and sell your home - quickly and securely

Coadjute believes that everyone should be able to move home in days, not months. Thanks to advancements in technology, finding a suitable home has improved over the years. However, the process of buying and selling property is still lengthy and complex.

There are many parties involved, endless paperwork, and the worry of online fraud. Homebuyers and sellers also tell us that all too often the process takes far too long, that they don’t know where they are in the process, and they don’t know who to call about what.

Watch how Coadjute connects the property market

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Introducing Coadjute

At Coadjute, we have identified the heart of the problem: the property market is not consistently connected. Your estate agent, conveyancer, mortgage broker and mortgage lender can be doing their very best for you, but since they cannot themselves see end-to-end what is happening, or always connect securely with the other parties involved, they cannot easily speed up the process.

That’s where Coadjute comes in. Coadjute connects the parties involved in the property transaction, making your experience from finding a home to moving in faster, more transparent and more secure.

Moving home with Coadjute

In the very near future when you move home with the help of Coadjute, you will be able to see the end to end process of your property transaction and know exactly what each party is doing to help progress your move. Coadjute enables you to share documents once with all parties and even receive messages all from within one place.

When the businesses involved in your home move are using Coadjute:

  • You are more in control of the buying and selling of your property
  • You don’t have to resend mountains of documents over and over again
  • You get to complete your property sale or purchase in less time

Coming 2021

Coadjute is launching in the UK property market in 2021 and will create an improved way for businesses involved in your property transaction to work together.

When your estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders use Coadjute they will be able to offer a smoother and faster way for you to move home.

When you next move ask if the businesses you use are ‘connected by Coadjute’ as you could be on your way to a much more simple home move.