One view across the property transaction.

We enable real-time information sharing over a secure network. No new CRMs or systems, just additional functionality.

Email less. Engage more.

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Why you will love Coadjute.

Coadjute makes property transactions better for everyone – from estate agents to conveyancers, brokers to lenders and all other parties in between.

Our technology works behind the scenes to connect the systems you already use, enabling everyone to see the same information, at the same time, and work together to achieve the same goals.

Making the property market operate better for everyone.

Coadjute is improving the property transaction process, end-to-end. Giving you everything you need to provide a better, faster, and more transparent experience for clients. Close more deals. Open up more opportunities.
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See what’s happening at every step.

Never wait for anyone. Be your client’s trusted source of knowledge, tap into live updates anytime, anywhere.

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Collaborate with ease.

Keep communication flowing freely and always stay on the same page as your property peers.

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Change without changing software.

Not another system - we hear you! Fear not, we don't replace, we connect, so you get the most out of what you already use.

What our partners are saying

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Watch how Coadjute is connecting the market through our secure blockchain network.

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Book a demo with our team and explore the new possibilities for your business when you're connected by Coadjute.

Working Better Together Report

In a survey of close to 500 property professionals in the UK, we explore the most pressing factors affecting the relationship between conveyancers and estate agents and how best to overcome them. Find out how both professions said they could, and should, work better together.

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Ready to join your property peers on Coadjute?

Major software providers are joining the Coadjute Network to help estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders connect and collaborate better together.

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Ready to take control of the property transaction?

From instant updates to real-time collaboration, the Coadjute network gives you all the capabilities you need to perform at your best.
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Event Tracking

Receive real-time updates on completed tasks, stay synchronised on key milestones and keep your finger on the pulse of progress - every step of the transaction journey.

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Secure Messaging

Instantly send and receive secure and encrypted messages using your own software. Create a secure group for all parties involved in a property transaction or message one-to-one to safeguard sensitive information and keep conversations confidential.

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Document Exchange

Directly send and receive documents, safely and securely. This feature enables easy sharing of files such as ID and KYC documents, the sales contract, and mortgage details – without having to log in to a separate system.

Your questions answered

With Coadjute you don’t have to learn or take on a new system or portal.

Coadjute appears within the software you already use, allowing you to connect seamlessly and in real-time with other parties in a property transaction.

Coadjute is incredibly easy to use.

Getting started typically takes less than ten minutes. After that, your software will automatically connect to Coadjute.

We also provide training and support free of charge if needed.

Coadjute is now partnered with most of the market's commonly used property software platforms. You can view our growing list of software partners here.

We are adding new systems to our network all the time. If you don’t see your software provider on our list, get in touch, and we will be happy to help.

Keeping your data secure is critical to us. For this reason, Coadjute is powered by highly-secure technology, used by banks to manage the flow of millions daily. Connecting to Coadjute means your data is protected by encryption end to end.

People connect over Coadjute to work on a particular transaction. This means they can only see information related to that transaction. Any other data you are working on cannot be accessed by anyone else unless you permit them to do so.


Coadjute, creating a better property market for everyone.