What We Do

Coadjute brings everyone in the property market together. It does this by connecting all the existing systems property professionals use, opening up a virtual deal room packed with powerful features to streamline the entire process for everyone.

Introducing Coadjute Workspaces

Coadjute Workspaces are specifically tailored for property professionals. Everything you need for a fast, transparent property transaction process can be accessed using the Coadjute Workspace, a dedicated application that can be integrated into your existing CRM or CMS.

Using Coadjute means you no longer have to remember multiple logons, rekey data between systems or even use email. It's all in one place and beautifully connected, enabling you to get more done, quickly and easily, delivering amazing service for your buyers and sellers.

Integrated services

We know property transactions require a lot of information and parties to work together, which is why we’ve built a solution with you in mind.

The Coadjute Network connects you to the people and services you already use today, and more. Everything is conveniently accessible in one place, from automatically collated property data including EPC registry, HM Land Registry, and search providers, to digitally connecting the users of Coadjute to each other.

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  • Messages
  • Estate Agent Deal Room

Deal Rooms

A key feature of the Coadjute workspace is the Deal Room, your window into how a transaction is progressing. Allowing you to collaborate with other parties by securely sharing information, messaging each other and viewing real-time updates on the progression of the deal.

Estate Agent Deal Room

Explore Coadjute

Here’s what makes Coadjute’s integrated solution different:

Icon What We Do Property Data

Property Data

Instantly download all the information you need on a property from a wide range of sources. Pre-filled standard forms, even Land Registry titles, all from verified sources.

Icon What We Do Digital ID

Digital Identity

Request Digital Identity from your clients, see when it's done, upload the information to your CRM and even share it with other parties in the transaction. All beautifully integrated in one place.

Icon What We Do Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker gives you visibility over what is happening in the transaction. Receive real-time updates as key milestones are completed.

Icon What We Do Data Checker

Data Checker

Data checker highlights where there might be discrepancies in the data entered or shared between parties. It will help you to identify and resolve these issues quickly.

Icon What We Do Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging & Document Sharing

Secure messaging and document sharing do exactly what they say on the tin. Send and receive messages and share documents that pertain to the transaction directly in your Coadjute workspace.

Icon What We Do Enquiry Manager

Enquiry Manager

Enquiry Manager allows conveyancers to raise, view, manage, and respond to enquiries without switching systems. Conveyancers can even choose to share enquiries directly with the estate agent or buyer and seller making the process even faster.


Coadjute, creating a better property market for everyone.