Complete Property Data

The Coadjute Network offers innovative capabilities that automatically collates live and trusted data from a wide variety of trusted sources, including EPC registry, HM Land Registry, and search providers.

Provide a truly data-first experience to your partners and clients with quality upfront property information.

Meet National Trading Standards requirements Parts A, B & C

It has never been more important to have quick and easy access to essential property information. With Coadjute you can instantly access a broad set of property information at the click of a button, all from trusted sources, that comprehensively covers all the necessary property information from parts A, B and C of Material Information. Get compliant today!

Upfront Property Information

No surprises and no waiting for searches, Coadjute connects you to the people and the data you need to complete a property transaction in less time, with less hassle.

From the physical characteristics of the property, to EPCs and local area information, all the key information you’ll need to market and complete a transaction is there at your fingertips.

For Estate Agents

Digital Property Data Packs

Our Digital Property Data Pack collates the data you need from a wide variety of trusted sources, including the EPC Registry, HM Land Registry, and search providers.

You can then invite sellers to review and verify the pre-filled information and share it securely with buyers. All at the click of a button.

  • Digital Property Data Pack 1
  • Digital Property Data Pack 2
  • Digital Property Data Pack 3
  • Digital Property Data Pack 4

For Estate Agents

Do more with property data

Delight your customers with branded material information packs filled with all the property information you need. Whether it’s for a market appraisal or comprehensive buyer/seller packs, Coadjute has you covered.

Material Info Export

Do more with trusted data at your fingertips

The Coadjute Network is an enabler to make your life easier. Save time, effort, and hassle with automatically collated data, pre-populated forms and branded exports.

Icon Prepopulate

Pre-populate BASPI and TA6 forms

With the data already collated for you, you can then pre-populate the forms you need to progress the transaction, saving you time and hassle.

You can then invite sellers to review and verify the pre-filled information and share it securely with buyers. All at the click of a button.

Icon Branded Exorts

Branded buyer/seller packs

Export the material information into branded buyer and/or seller packs.

This means that the process is much less stressful for potential buyers or sellers as they will be provided with all the information reducing the costly inefficiencies of the process.

Icon Save Time alt

Save time and speed up the process

With key property information being automatically collated into your system over the Coadjute Network you can save time and effort as you no longer have to search for and request data points yourself.

Coadjute Digital Property Data Pack

How do I get started?

The service is live and ready for everyone to try!

If you're interested in using the new Digital Property Data Pack service, please fill in the form and someone from the Coadjute team will reach out to you very shortly.

Digital Property Data Pack Registration


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