Digital TA6

Every property transaction requires many forms to be filled in before reaching completion. Coadjute's Digital TA6 solution has been designed to take the hassle out of the process, and save time for everyone involved.

Coadjute’s Digital TA6

The Law Society’s latest iteration of the TA6 Form will be packed with more layers of compliant Material Information to bring it in line with the National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT) guidance.

We appreciate completing the new version of the form is likely to take longer, which is why we developed our Digital TA6 with this in mind. By sourcing property data from various sources and pre-populating the form with compliant material information our Digital TA6 solution doesn’t just take the hassle out of the process, it makes it easier.

What makes Coadjute’s Digital TA6 different?

  • Icon prepopulate
    Automatically pre-populated
  • Reuse data
    Reuse data throughout transaction process
  • Provenance
    Data provenance

Coadjute’s TA6 Form isn’t just digital, it’s smart when it comes to using property data:

  • By pulling through property data already available over the Coadjute Network, the data is automatically used to pre-populate the Digital TA6 Form. That same property data can subsequently be re-used throughout the transaction as and when needed.
  • All property data on the Coadjute Network has data provenance, meaning there is always a documented trail that accounts for where the data originally came from.

Pre-populate Digital TA6 Form

Reduce the time is takes from form issuance to completion. The TA6 form is automatically pre-populated with the relevant material information for the property.

Save valuable time and reduce the chance of manual errors as you no longer have to rekey the material information from your system into the TA6 form. Let Coadjute do the manual part leaving you to review and validate the information.

TA6 Main

CPRs 2008 and NTS compliant material information

It has never been more important to have quick and easy access to essential property information.

Coadjute sources material property information from trusted suppliers that comprehensively cover all the necessary information from parts A, B and C of Material Information.


See progress at a glance

Thanks to the fully digital nature of Coadjute’s Digital TA6, you’ll be able to track status at a glance and see how any participant is progressing.

Want to know how much of the TA6 has been completed by the vendor? Or you need an update from the conveyancer on how the review process is going? With Coadjute, you can see a participant’s live progress and never lose track of how the transaction is moving forward.

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Clear version control

The Digital TA6 provides a full change history and audit trail as the form is completed.

Know exactly who has updated what and when as all changes to the Digital TA6 are visible and directly associated with a participant to the property deal.

Version History

Licensed TA6 provider

That’s right, Coadjute are a fully licensed provider to supply TA Forms, including 5th edition TA6 property information forms.

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Taking the hassle out of filling in property forms

Our Smart Forms solution utilises data held on the Coadjute Network to help you with so much more.

Icon Card Change Format

Easily change form types

You’ve filled in the Digital TA6 but have other forms to complete? With Coadjute you can easily transpose the property information into different form types, and we’re rolling out more Smart Forms in due course.

Icon Card Shareable

Seamlessly shareable

Say goodbye to printing forms off and sending them to clients in the post. Our Smart Forms are all shareable across the Coadjute Network. Select who you want to share the form with and at the click of a button it will be shared with them. No emails, no PDFs.

Icon Card Version Control

Dynamic form completion

Guide the vendor through completing the pre-populated form section by section and progress can be saved and picked up at a later time. Conveyancers can also track progress in real-time meaning if the vendor is stuck on any sections they can jump in and assist to get things moving again.

Coadjute Digital TA6

Join our Digital TA6 waitlist

Our Digital TA6 Smart Form is available for all Coadjute Network users.

If you’re interested in getting set up or finding out more about our Digital TA6, please fill in the form to join the waitlist. One of the team will be in touch very soon.

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