Digital Referrals

The digital referrals module connects estate agents and conveyancers seamlessly with the rest of their supply chain.

Generate, send, and receive referrals and quotations without leaving your system. The digital referrals system is integrated with the software you already use so key property information seamlessly flows between them.

Referral data, quotes, and instructions sent over the network.

For Estate Agents

Pre-populated digital referrals

Generating referrals is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Generate an automatically pre-populated referral form with the necessary information straight from your CRM, including mandatory fields of key property information.

No more rekeying or duplication of effort, it’s all there ready for you to review and send.

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  • Conveyancer Referrals 2
  • Conveyancer Referrals 3
  • Conveyancer Referrals 4

For Conveyancers

Easy quotations and instructions

Receive referrals from connected agents and even be instructed for work over the network. No need for emails or another system.

Increase your referral volumes further by generating branded quotations with transparent breakdown of your fees. These are easily exportable and viewable in Coadjute.

  • Estate Agent Referrals 1
  • Estate Agent Referrals 2

Full digital referrals, quotes and instructions

Once integrated to the Coadjute Network you can manage the whole referrals process from start to finish without every leaving your system - from referral to instruction.

Generating, sending and receiving referrals, quotes and instructions has never been easier.

Icon Property Data

Mandatory property data

Digital referrals pull through all the key property information from your CRM you’ll need to create a referral, including mandatory fields. Saving you the back and forth of filling in missing fields.

Icon Trackable

Trackable process updates

The referral progress tracker provides real-time updates for when you send out, receive, or respond to referrals. You’ll never be unaware of the status of a referral or quotation again.

Icon Increase

Increased referral volumes

Sending and receiving referrals over the Coadjute Network is seamlessly simple. Get more referrals quicker and grow your business.


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