Integrated Digital Identity

We have developed an integrated solution with our partners which allows for identification checks to be completed once and securely shared in real-time with other participants. No more repetition, perform a check once and share it with who needs it.

For Estate Agents

Digital identification made simple

Request a digital identity from your clients, see when it’s done, upload the information to your CRM and even share it with other parties in the transaction. All beautifully integrated in one place.

If there’s a particular ID provider you prefer to work with, as long as they are connected to the Coadjute Network, you can complete the process with them.

ID Verification

For Conveyancers

A shareable digital identity

Once an identity check has been completed you don’t need to request another one.

Simply request that the results of the check be shared with you. The digital identity will then be shared with you over the coadjute network seamlessly and in real-time. This can be done as often and with as many participants as needed.

  • Share ID 1
  • Share ID 2

For Buyers and Sellers

An end-to-end digital journey

Complete the process at your own convenience in full compliance and security.

With our partners we have an identification process that is entirely digital from start to finish. No more emailing or sending copies of passports or other sensitive data in the mail.

ID Buyer and Seller

A digital ID that’s accessible by all parties

Our integrated digital identity solution enables a seamless process from start to finish that is fully integrated with the software you already use today.

Icon Document Sharing

No more repetitive checks

Avoid duplication, confusion and wasted effort.

Perform an identification check once and seamlessly share it with anyone who needs access to it. Saving yourself time and effort throughout the transaction.

Icon award

Better customer experience

Put your customers’ experience front and centre.

With checks only needing to be completed once, you streamline the process and offer a much better experience to your customers.

Collaborate Icon

Shared in real-time

You are in control of your digital identity.

When you receive a request to view your identity you can choose when and who to share it with. Results are shared in real-time over the network so no more waiting for the post to arrive to complete a check.


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