Collaboration Tools

We believe that moving home should be exciting, easy and stress-free. We want to create a world where the journey of moving home is seamlessly digital and effortless for all involved.

Coadjute has been built to overcome just that. Our collaboration tools are designed to bring more clarity, transparency and cooperation to process of buying and selling homes.

Putting the control of the pace of the transaction back in your hands.

Deal Rooms

Bring everyone involved in buying or selling a property together in a secure virtual space.

Gone are the days of being in the dark, now everyone is on the same page at the same time. Coadjute’s Deal Rooms enables estate agents, conveyancers, brokers, buyers and sellers to work together. Securely sharing information, messaging each other and viewing real-time updates on the progression of the deal.

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  • Estate Agent Deal Room

Progress Tracker

The most frustrating part of property transactions today is not knowing how it’s progressing.

Progress Tracker puts an end to being in the dark. As participants complete milestones pertinent to the transaction the progress will be automatically updated in real-time, enabling you to view progress updates instantly.

Keep your finger on the pulse of progress, every step of the transaction journey. No more chasing or long email chains.

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Secure Messaging

Seamlessly connect and communicate with the other participants in your deal, right from within Coadjute.

No more phone calls or email chains trying to work out what comes next. Instantly send and receive secure and encrypted messages using your own software. Create a secure group for all parties involved in a property transaction or message one-to-one to safeguard sensitive information and keep conversations confidential.


Data Checker

There’s nothing worse than seeing the finish line of a property transaction and then realising a name or address has been spelled incorrectly, potentially delaying or even scuppering a deal entirely.

The Data Checker feature works in real-time and immediately flags any inconsistent data from any source in the system. See everything in real-time, work proactively, and reclaim your precious time back.

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Document Sharing

Document Sharing gives you the ability to directly send and receive documents within Coadjute.

This feature allows files related to the property transaction such as account statements, sales contracts, mortgage details, etc, to be shared easily and securely.

Users no longer have to risk sending sensitive data over email or by post. All data is secured on the Coadjute Network by blockchain technology which protects sensitive customer information

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Coadjute, creating a better property market for everyone.