VaultEA is technology developed specifically for the estate agency industry and the first to be created with a focus on providing a complete solution.

VaultEA & Coadjute

Through the integration with Coadjute, VaultEA is now able to offer estate agents the ability to collaborate with other parties in a transaction, share property information, and access real-time transaction updates straight from the company's CRM platform.

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Seamlessly integrate Coadjute with VaultEA

The seamless integration between VaultEA's CRM and Coadjute enables agents to view and track transactions in real-time.

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Reduce admin

Using the secure Coadjute Network, you can share and receive real-time case updates so you can cooperate with parties without hours of chasing. Avoid lengthy emails, time-consuming calls, and scanning and posting by connecting VaultEA with Coadjute.

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Communicate securely

Coadjute’s secure blockchain network protects your clients’ sensitive data so you can reduce the risk of fraud or data breaches. The encrypted network secures your data so only you and the receiving party have access.

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Progress faster

By viewing and tracking transactions in real-time you can work more effectively. Experience a faster and more streamlined transaction when your VaultEA CRM is connected by Coadjute.

Case Study - VaultEA

How VaultEA joined the Coadjute network in under four weeks

Learn how VaultEA integrated with Coadjute within a few weeks, enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and performance of its estate agency CRM.

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This was by far the fastest, smoothest, and most exciting integration we've ever done. I would go as far as describing it as an integration on steroids. It has enabled us to extend and evolve our API with more functionality than we ever imagined. The progress we have made in such a short time is a credit to everyone on both sides.

Adam Campbell | Director & Industry Principal

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