Case Study: VaultEA

How VaultEA integrated with Coadjute within a few weeks, enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and performance of its estate agency CRM.

Background and challenge

Changing the game for estate agents

VaultEA is an Australian-based property software company on a mission to redefine estate agent technology. The company, which is also currently expanding its operations in the UK, was recently acquired by MRI, a global software giant and pioneer in the estate agent software industry.

With VaultEA's platform, estate agents can access a complete solution for all their property business needs, including property management, accounts, customer relationship management, e-marketing, and consumer-facing applications.

Vault EA

Making clients' lives easier by delivering more value

To support its ambitious growth plans in the UK, VaultEA wanted to differentiate its offering and gain competitive advantage.

To achieve this, they sought to integrate with a solution that would not only streamline the sales progression process but also significantly improve the functionality and experience they could provide to clients.

Despite researching different solutions on the market, they all fell short of the company's expectations.


  • Extend the capabilities of VaultEA’s CRM platform for estate agents
  • Deliver agents a unified view across the entire transaction process
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    Increase the speed and efficiency of sales progression
Technical requirements
  • Two-way API-first integration
  • Webhook functionality
  • A frictionless single sign-on experience
  • A VaultEA branded interface
  • Scalability from a 10-person estate agency to 900+

“There were tools to assist with sales progress, but they required clients to launch a new window or log onto yet another portal to check the status of transactions. So we thought, what's the point? We are all about reducing duplication for estate agents and making their lives easier, but all of these solutions involved more work and more hassle,” says Adam Campbell, Director & Industry Principal | MRI Real Estate Software.

Then, in February 2022, a mutual client introduced VaultEA to Coadjute. As soon as the team saw Coadjute in action, they could clearly see its potential to transform the client experience.

Coadjute met all of our requirements and more. Its clean interface, future-proof technology, and ability not just to improve sales progression but to transform the transaction process end to end, made it a perfect fit from every perspective.

Adam Campbell, Director & Industry Principal | MRI Real Estate Software


VaultEA and Coadjute integrate seamlessly for faster, more streamlined transactions

Through the integration with Coadjute, VaultEA is now able to offer clients the ability to collaborate with other parties in a transaction, share property information, and access real-time transaction updates straight from the company's CRM platform.

"My first impression of Coadjute was, wow, this is really impressive. The fact that our clients could access real-time transaction information straight from our CRM was exactly what we were looking for,” says Adam.

An integration on steroids

As part of the integration process, VaultEA worked with Coadjute to expand the capabilities of its API to include other critical elements of the transaction process, including the memorandum of sale and identity verification. As a result, agents are able to manage all the moving parts of a transaction without leaving the VaultEA’s CRM.

Vault EA case study image

As a result of our integration with Coadjute we are able to give agents a real-time view of progress. With everyone's work updated automatically and available instantly, our agents are able to focus on the work they enjoy most, rather than constantly chasing updates.

Adam Campbell, Director & Industry Principal | MRI Real Estate Software

How Coadjute has benefitted VaultEA

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Seamless CRM integration

Seamless integration between VaultEA's CRM and Coadjute, enabling agents to view and track transactions in real-time.

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Ability to scale and evolve VaultEA’s capabilities as it grows.

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User experience

Transformation of the user experience and functionality.

This was by far the fastest, smoothest, and most exciting integration we've ever done. I would go as far as describing it as an integration on steroids. It has enabled us to extend and evolve our API with more functionality than we ever imagined. The progress we have made in such a short time is a credit to everyone on both sides.

Adam Campbell, Director & Industry Principal | MRI Real Estate Software


A fast integration yielding lasting results

The strong partnership between Coadjute and VaultEA enabled the integration to go live within four weeks. Now, estate agents using VaultEA’s CRM have access to live transaction updates and can collaborate seamlessly with other parties. In addition, duplication of work is reduced, helping to speed up the transaction process and minimise delays.

As well as its innovative technology, it was Coadjute's expertise, flexibility, and in-depth knowledge of the industry that impressed VaultEA most.

Our experience with Coadjute has been phenomenal from the start to finish. From our first kick-off meeting right through to going live on the network, the whole process has been seamless,” says Adam.

Vault EA case study image

You can have the best product on the market, but if its not supported by the right team or the right engineers, it can only go so far. You get the best of both worlds with Coadjute, great people and cutting-edge technology, which is what really sets it apart.

Adam Campbell, Director & Industry Principal | MRI Real Estate Software

About VaultEA

VaultEA’s cloud-based CRM solution is designed specifically for the estate agency industry and is the first to provide a complete sales and listing management solution all in one place. Based on years of "it would be great if it could..." feedback, the company has transformed the functionality agents use and rely on, adding new capabilities all packaged into a clean, efficient and user-friendly experience. Visit the VaultEA website.


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