Case Study: Paul Stripp Estate Agency, Thomas Flavell, and The Z Group.

How Coadjute enabled Paul Stripp Estate Agents to close a
sale with international sellers in record time

Background and Challenge

The Paul Stripp Estate Agency is owned and directed by Paul Stripp, an independent estate agent with over a decade of experience in the property market.

After working for most of his career in traditional estate agencies, Paul saw a need for a modern approach. One that better reflected his core values of communication, accountability and integrity, while also taking advantage of all the latest digital advancements. In the past few years, Paul's agency has grown rapidly, from zero instructions to becoming the go to local agent.

"Speeding up the sales progression process is something I am extremely passionate about. With a faster process, there will be fewer fall-throughs and a better client experience, and that’s exactly what Coadjute can help us achieve.”

Paul Stripp, Owner and Managing Director | Paul Stripp Estate Agency, Sussex


  • Frustration at the lack of transparency across the process
  • Significant time spent chasing others

Despite Paul’s success rating being above the national average, he was acutely aware that more needed to be done to speed up the transaction process and make it a more enjoyable experience for both buyers and sellers. As a result, he began exploring solutions on the market to help:

  • Improve communication between all the parties in a transaction.
  • Reduce fall-throughs by speeding up sales progression.
  • Increase transparency and control over the process.
  • Provide clients with a next-level experience.

Paul was first introduced to Coadjute by his CRM provider, Rex Software. After seeing the network in action through a demo, he was blown away by its potential to transform transactions and increase transparency across the whole process. A win-win on all fronts.


The day after viewing the demo, Paul collaborated with conveyancing leaders Thomas Flavell and the Z Group, already on the network, to launch his first live transaction on the Coadjute network.

“I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to get up and running on the network; it took just five days from meeting the Coadjute team and watching a demo to onboarding and going live with the transaction,” says Paul.

Since Paul had already invested heavily in a number of tools to support the transaction process, finding a solution that didn't add to the complexity was essential. Coadjute's ability to connect all of Paul's existing software system without requiring him to purchase any additional software was a major plus for a fast-growing agency like his.

For example, the fact Paul's CRM solution, Rex, is fully integrated with Coadjute enabled him to view real-time updates on the transaction without having to change his software or chase other parties in the chain.

“This is the first time in my property career that I haven't had to chase anyone for updates, which to me speaks volumes about Coadjute. Instead, I’ve been able to focus my energy on other aspects of the transaction, knowing everything is being updated automatically."

Paul Stripp, Owner and Managing Director | Paul Stripp Estate Agency, Sussex


Before using Coadjute, a typical transaction for Paul and his team could take anything from 2 to 5 months (or longer), to reach completion. In addition, a lack of transparency throughout the process meant anything could go wrong at any time, and there was little they could do to prevent this.

In contrast, their first transaction on the Coadjute network has been smooth, fast, and transparent at all stages of the process. The experience of using Coadjute has exceeded everyone's expectations, from the buyer to the seller to the conveyancers on both sides of the chain. “To be able to go live with our first transaction within 5 days from joining the network in early December 2022 and complete within 2 months is extraordinary.” says Paul.

For Paul and his team, one of the best parts of the experience was feeling more in control of the process and being able to collaborate with all the other parties easily. Whenever issues arose, they were able to discuss and resolve them quickly and keep everything moving forward.

Having all the information right there in one place meant Paul and his team could keep the client informed at every step of the process, reducing any unnecessary stress or frustration along the way. “ be able to see exactly what's happening at every stage without having to leave voicemails or trawl through emails to check if a solicitor has replied or not has been a complete game changer for our clients and us,” says Paul.

“It’s also been very cool to watch the solicitors complete tasks in the background in super quick time. The fact that one client was based in France and the other in London made no difference at all.”

Paul Stripp, Owner and Managing Director | Paul Stripp Estate Agency, Sussex

About Paul Stripp Estate Agents

Paul Stripp Estate Agency is owned and directed by Paul Stripp, an independent estate agent with more than a decade of property experience. While the agency may be one of the newest on the scene in East Sussex, it has proven itself capable of keeping up with the best of them. Making timely sales and receiving outstanding praise from buyers and sellers alike.

About Thomas Flavell

Thomas Flavell & Sons have offices throughout Leicestershire & Warwickshire, providing legal services for businesses and Individuals. Founded back in 1809 the company’s journey has seen them grow from a 19th Century Solicitor on the high street to the modern law firm they are today, adapting to the ever-changing legal market.

About Z Group

Z group are one of the UK’s first Alternative Business Structures (ABS) offering a comprehensive suite of financial, legal, taxation, wealth protection and management consultancy services to both personal and business clients. The company offers a truly integrated “one-stop” shop for all business property and legal solutions.

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