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Connectivity for all with Coadjute

The property market consists of buyers and sellers interacting with multiple businesses including estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders.

The standalone property software that these businesses use is not consistently connected with each other. This lack of digital connectivity results in property professionals having to rely heavily on time-consuming methods of coordinating, such as phone calls and emails.

With Coadjute, you can connect your property software to other property software platforms via the Coadjute Network. This reduces the time and cost needed to chase parties for updates on the status of the deal.


Our network features

Software providers are using Coadjute to build five new features for their property software that are easy to integrate using either white-label products or APIs.

Each feature has been specifically designed to help users of your property software improve the way they work both internally and together with other businesses. These features have been enhanced with automation and analytics capabilities, further amplifying the benefits they bring to the users of your software.

Event Tracker

Event sharing is at the heart of the Coadjute Network. You can add Event Tracker to your existing property software enabling your users to subscribe to real-time updates on events being completed by the buyer, seller and other businesses involved in the transaction.

Your users can set up a new property deal on the network, find partners to connect to, and then track events and tasks in real-time. All users involved in the deal will automatically receive event notifications when there is a change in the status of the deal.

Event Tracker uses tasks that create milestones which help provide a high-level view of the deal progression

Your users will automatically know exactly where in the process the transaction is which helps them manage the process and make sure the transaction stays on track.

Event Tracker Advantage

Event Tracker gives users of your software involved in the transaction the peace of mind that tasks are being completed on time and on schedule, keeping everyone automatically informed in real-time, retaining confidence in the deal, meaning more sales complete.

  • Real-time updates
    • Users can automatically receive real-time updates directly into their dashboard as buyers, sellers and businesses involved in the transaction complete tasks
  • Stay synchronised
    • Event tracker helps keep all users on the same page and stay synchronised on key facts and dates throughout the property transaction
  • Coordinate work
    • Event Tracker creates an open, transparent and trusted process where all businesses involved in a property transaction are kept informed

Event Manager

Event Manager permits users of your software to access a shared Project Board that can be seen by all parties involved in the property transaction. This helps everyone to decide, view and cooperate on the key events involved in a property transaction: creating a smarter, more open way of working.

During a property transaction, all the parties involved can provide information to the Network such as event status, key dates, documentation and ID data. Everyone can cooperate together, all from within their existing property software systems.

Adding Event Manager as part of the Coadjute Network to your property software provides additional value to both you and your customers.

Event Manager Advantage

Event Manager enables the users of your property software to cooperate seamlessly in one place. It’s now easy to share documents, message, and plan together, saving time chasing for updates through phone calls and emails.

  • Simple planning
    • Event Manager provides users with a shared Project Board which includes a shared planner that helps keep everyone on the same page and moving towards the same target dates
  • Complete cooperation
    • Users can cooperate on events throughout the sales process and see in real-time when events are created, updated, and completed
  • One single source of truth
    • Facts about the property transaction such as price, exchange dates, and completion dates are kept consistent so that everyone is kept in sync and on the same page

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging ensures that users can communicate across all systems on the Coadjute Network through your property software securely, effortlessly and seamlessly.

Secure Messaging allows for a message to be sent securely through the network from one user to another. Our Network uses APIs that allow the user to create, update, search, and delete a message on the network.

Secure Messaging Advantage

Secure Messaging gives your users complete trust and confidence in your system knowing they can relax from concerns of data breaches.

  • Blockchain secured
    • All messages are encrypted through our blockchain technology meaning that your customers' information is protected and they can be assured of a safe transaction free from business email fraud
  • Real-time connection
    • Secure messenger enables your users to reach all participants in the deal, securely and in real-time
  • Smart templates
    • Users can send and receive documents and data directly such as ID/KYC documents or contracts of sale. We use smart templates for exchanging data that requires validation

Document Exchange

Document Exchange gives your users the ability to directly send and receive documents across software platforms. This feature allows files such as ID/KYC documents, the sales contract, and mortgage details to be easily shared.

Coadjute protects your documents with blockchain technology so that all data is protected.

Document Exchange Advatange

This feature enables your users to share documents related to the property transaction on the Coadjute Network including sensitive customer data. We use blockchain technology to protect this data so it is only available to key parties.

  • Secured with blockchain
    • Users can share data across multiple platforms documents related to the property transaction. All data is secured using blockchain technology which protects sensitive customer information

  • Protect sensitive information
    • All documents can be shared within your existing property software. Users no longer have to risk data being intercepted by using emails
  • Available within one platform
    • Document exchange enables documents to be easily shared without users ever having to leave their platform


Rooms is a brand new area of your property software where your users can cooperate within a secure and private workspace.

Rooms allow your users to cooperate within their existing software, whilst securely sharing information, messaging each other and viewing real-time updates on the progression of the deal.

Rooms Advantage

Rooms give your users a new way of working that saves them time by cooperating in one place, taking away the need for endless chasing for updates on the status of the deal

  • Collaborate seamlessly
    • You can collaborate with users across multiple platforms on a shared transaction without leaving your existing property software
  • Share any document
    • Rooms allow users to share all documents within the space. You can even sign documents all within the room
  • Protected with blockchain
    • All data shared in rooms is encrypted using Coadjute’s blockchain technology. Users of your software can share messages, documents and event updates with unprecedented security
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