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Today, the property buying process can be slow, complex, and costly for both buyers and sellers as well as the businesses that serve them. This is not caused by the companies themselves, but by the lack of connectivity between them. Coadjute was formed to change this.

About Coadjute pillars

Connecting the property market

Our intelligent and open network connects property software systems via one simple integration. This enables all parties involved in the property transaction to rapidly and securely share messages and documents, and synchronise events with other parties on the network. This includes estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders.

Connecting, not disrupting

Coadjute’s Network is uniquely designed to sit behind the front-end systems businesses already use, linking them together rather than replacing them.

This means that users can continue to use their existing property software while benefiting from Coadjute’s network: connecting them to the parties involved in property transactions without replacing their systems.

Additionally, Coadjute doesn’t hold any of your data. In fact, we can’t even see it. Each party remains in control of their data and only shares information when permitted with other parties involved in the property deal.

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Meet the Team

Meet the people driving the property market forward and changing the way we buy and sell property.

Meet the team

The Coadjute journey

Coadjute was established in 2018 and we have spent the last 2 years trialling and piloting our technology, in preparation for our launch in 2021.

Founded as a blockchain consultancy - within three months of deciding to set-up a blockchain consultancy, the team won a prestigious HM Land Registry project called “Digital Street”. This R&D project focused on building prototypes that demonstrated how blockchain could act as a shared market infrastructure enabling multi-party workflow and making the home buying process simpler, faster and more secure.

Pivoted to product business - Seeing the power of a digital property market and recognising that no one was building this digital infrastructure, Coadjute pivoted from a consultancy into a product business.

Joined R3 Start-up Accelerator - Successfully applied for Cohort 1 of R3’s entrepreneur in residence start-up accelerator.

Built proof of concept network


Tested proof of concept network - Successfully tested the concept of digital property network with 40 global companies, including Clifford Chance, Barclays and NatWest.

Closed the first funding round

Built pilot version of the network

Tested the pilot version of the network - Successfully piloted network with market-leading property software companies, NatWest and their customers.

Grew Leadership Team - Founder and CEO moved into COO role to focus 100% on technology launch and grew the leadership team by appointing CEO, CRO and CMO to focus on commercialisation and market launch.

Closed the second funding round - Raised multimillion VC round from investors including Ahimsa-Esya Capital, Blockchain Valley Ventures, Collab+Currency and Odysseus Investments.


Grew team to over 25 - With funding complete, we grew the business across sales, technology, product, finance and operations.

Launched Developer Portal - As an API first business, we launched our developer portal so partners can start their integration journey ready for the launch of Coadjute in 2021.


Coadjute, creating a better property market for everyone.