1440x300 Coadjute connecting the property market

Coadjute - connecting the property market

Coadjute makes property transactions better for everyone – from estate agents to conveyancers, brokers to lenders and all other parties in between.

Watch how our technology works behind the scenes to connect the systems you already use, enabling everyone to see the same information, at the same time, and work together to achieve the same goals.

Video transcript

We take for granted that technology has us all connected, helping us become more efficient in everything that we do.

But when it comes to the property market, that’s not the case.

The process is cumbersome, fragmented, and stubbornly slow.

Meet Coadjute, the digital network transforming the property market.

With Coadjute everyone involved in a property transaction can collaborate together, seamlessly.

Coadjute enables you to connect to other property professionals on the network from your existing software.

To work with others on the network, you just invite them.

Once they accept, you are connected and can start working together in a secure, shared environment.

Meaning property information, messages and documents can all be seen and shared effortlessly.

When using Coadjute, data never needs to be manually re-entered and progress 58 updates are sent automatically.

Questions can be asked over secure messaging and enquiries can be made directly from your existing system.

And because the data is updated in real-time everyone’s on the same page, instantly.

You can even receive business referrals over the network from other connected users.

Coadjute’s enterprise-grade blockchain technology is so secure it doesn’t just move data it can enable the transfer of digital identity, digital assets, and even mortgage funds.

Say goodbye to endless calls and emails.

And say hello to Coadjute. Not just a network, but a new way to work.

The future of the property market is here at last. Join the network and experience it for yourself.

Coadjute - Creating a better property market for everyone.

See for yourself, watch Coadjute in action.

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