Quiz: How agile is your estate agency?

What does it mean to be agile?

Agile isn't just for tech companies; it can help any business perform better.

Put simply, agile is the ability to adapt, respond and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Agile businesses can:

  • Adapt quickly to sudden market changes.
  • Respond rapidly and flexibly to client needs.
  • Embrace change openly and positively
  • Stay relevant, resilient and competitive

Sounds good? Let's explain more…

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What's in it for you?

Agile is now used in many industries to improve how teams work and collaborate together to achieve great things. Here are some of the ways your agency could also benefit:

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Less friction. More efficiency.

Agile smoothes out the creases in your processes, allowing you to spot and remove obstacles that slow you down or hold you back—making your agency more efficient and dynamic.

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Adapt faster to stay competitive

By operating more flexibly, you will be able to adapt rapidly in the face of unexpected changes without overhauling your processes and priorities every time.

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Continuous improvement

Agile fosters an open culture of idea exchange and collaboration which allows team members to learn from shared experiences and improve at every step.

How agile is your agency?

Are you looking at how to turn your team into the most high-performing version they can be? Agile is just one of the many radical ways of thinking that could be your solution to creating a more efficient and profitable agency.

But before you can set out on any journey, you need to assess where you are now.

Take our quiz to find out if your agency is as high-performing or as agile as you think it is.

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