Webinar: Introducing the Coadjute integration for Rezi

As an estate agent don't you just wish you could update your clients quicker and process every transaction faster? Find out how you can with the Coadjute integration - all from within Rezi.

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Here's what to expect:

  • See how Coadjute gives you a view of progress at every stage of the transaction journey, allowing you to provide clients with real-time updates.
  • Experience first-hand how Coadjute connects Rezi in real-time to other platforms in the property market.
  • See how Coadjute transforms the home-buying journey, making every transaction a truly collaborative, friction-free experience for all.

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Reduce completion times

With all the information you need at your fingertips you can move swiftly, act decisively and keep everything running like clockwork.

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Achieve more in less time

Too busy chasing answers to find solutions? Coadjute gives you precious time back to focus on the stuff that matters, like giving your clients the best service possible.

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Increase success rate

The longer the process the higher the chance of something going wrong. With Coadjute you can spot issues early and keep everything moving forward.