The Coadjute Network

The Coadjute Network represents the next generation of property market infrastructure: an intelligent open peer-to-peer network that connects property software systems together so that users across multiple systems can cooperate, share and transact effortlessly.

The network enables users of property software including estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders to securely exchange data in the form of tasks, messages and documents. These can all be shared, digitally signed, tracked and cryptographically verified using our technology.

The result is improved customer experience, reduced processing costs, and faster home sales.

An intelligent network

The Coadjute Network permits analytics such as monitoring, optimisation and fraud prevention - just some of the intelligent features of the network.

Benefits of the Coadjute Network

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Seamless collaboration

Users of software connected to the Coadjute Network can collaborate seamlessly and quickly, all from within your existing property software.

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Connect to one, connect to many

Connect to the Coadjute Network with one simple integration and benefit from connecting to many other software providers already on the Network. We can seamlessly integrate with any property software platform, including in-house systems

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Increased security

Your data on the Coadjute Network is secured using blockchain technology to provide you with new levels of security for you and your customers

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Better data flow

Your data moves seamlessly from one software platform to another on a point-to-point basis, while respecting the data structure of your system.

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Greater control and transparency

Users of your software can view the entire end-to-end process, providing transparency and giving users greater control.

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Better trust and transparency

There is improved transparency for users of your software as they can now see where in the process a property transaction is.

How the Coadjute Network works

Here we will look at the technology, the key components of the network and how everything works together.
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Powered by Distributed Ledger Technology

The Coadjute Network is a sharing system that enables connected software to exchange and synchronise data peer-to-peer with high levels of privacy, confidentiality and security.

This functionality comes from distributed ledger technology (DLT) which is peer-to-peer and permissioned - making the exchange of information highly secure and only available to selected parties.

Communication between property software platforms is point-to-point and does not rely on global broadcasts. The network is permissioned which means access requires a certificate from Coadjute as the network operator.

Core components of the Coadjute Network  

The Coadjute Network is made up of technical components that add additional functionality to your property software to help improve the experience of your users. These components include:

  • APIs - Enable access to your node’s data and network features. The APIs connects you to the DLT.
  • DLT Application (or Distributed Ledger Technology Application) - Provides business logic and automation within the network.
  • Network Identity Map - Provides the location of identities on the network.
  • Messaging and Routing - Sends data between the nodes on the network.
  • Analytics - Provides software providers and their users with transaction insights.

Your node is a copy of the shared ledger that exists on your software. This gives you access to the Coadjute Network and enables you to connect and interact with other nodes on the network.

Core Components Diagram

Third-party services  

In addition to the core components of the Coadjute Network, you can benefit from a suite of third-party services that enhance your core property software.

The Coadjute Network does not provide third-party services ourselves, instead what we do is enable others to offer their services to the network participants.

The Coadjute Network provides access to the following host of third-party services including:

  • Property Data
  • Digital Identity
  • Digital Signatures
  • KYC & AML
  • Other
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How everything works together

As a software provider, you will have your own node on the network. Your node is your dedicated gateway to the Coadjute Network that enables you to connect and interact with other nodes on the network, letting you perform various activities including routing, messaging and business logic.

Data (such as messages and documents) are sent between software provider nodes.

Installed on the node is the Coadjute DLT Application allowing participants on the network to benefit from its features and seamless data flow - which can be accessed via our APIs or via white-label applications.

Coadjute analytics and dashboard

Coadjute analytics and dashboard tools enable software providers to analyse transactional data from their node and provide new insights to their clients including:

To find out more speak to our team

Monitoring deals – Your node on the Coadjute Network performs analysis of transaction data which provides you with actionable insights. For example, using historical transaction data on individual network events, you can now predict durations and dates for future events, and avoid the risk of delays to a chain or deal.

Cyber risk monitoring – The Coadjute Network performs ongoing analysis of the system and its performance; while validating data which ensures the integrity of the information exchanged between parties.

Fraud detection – Our analytics can identify anomalies by assessing patterns of behaviours so that you can detect fraud and increase your levels of confidence in the transaction.

Already joining the Coadjute Network

Major software providers are already joining the Coadjute Network to link estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders and improve the way they collaborate together.

Join these companies and many more and connect to the Coadjute Network.

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Get connected

For property software providers, getting connected to the Coadjute Network is easy. Simply request your own network node. You can then begin the integration process directly via APIs or via our white-label applications. We can host your own node for you or discuss the best hosting solution for you.

Coadjute APIs  

The Coadjute APIs connect your software to your dedicated node on the Coadjute blockchain network so that you can tailor Coadjute’s services to suit your business. Your developers can access the APIs through our developer portal and integrate them into your existing property software in just five easy steps.

Our team is on hand to help support you and make this integration simple.

Coadjute White-Label Applications  

Install our white-label applications directly into your existing property software. These have been developed by Coadjute to provide an easy user experience and direct access to your node's APIs neatly from within your application. We can even brand it in your colours and with your logo.

Speak to our team to discuss partnering with us and help to add value to your business.