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Leading property software providers across the property market are joining Coadjute.

Our network enables our partners to provide simpler, smarter, more secure connections, interactions and transactions across the property market ecosystem.

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Improve your software

With a unique combination of cooperation, open innovation, and blockchain technology, Coadjute helps users of your software improve customer experience and drive business advantage.

Software providers can offer the benefits of the Coadjute Network as a premium extension of their existing offering or as an improved standard offering. Access to the Coadjute Platform is available via either APIs or by installing one of our white-label applications into your own property software.

Partner with Coadjute to start building a better experience for users of your software whilst creating additional value for your systems.

Add additional value to your software

Additional Revenue

We offer your property software additional revenue by improving your value proposition at a low cost for you.

You will also receive additional revenue when your customers - conveyancers, estate agents, mortgage brokers, and lenders use the Coadjute Network.

Improve your value proposition

Add additional value to your customers with an improved offering by partnering with Coadjute. Your customers can now collaborate, share, and communicate all within your property software.

Connect to one, connect to many

Save time and money connecting to multiple software providers and benefit from only making one simple connection to Coadjute.

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Already joining the Coadjute Network

Major software providers are already joining the Coadjute Network to link estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders and improve the way they collaborate together.

Join these companies and many more and connect to the Coadjute Network.

Agent Hub Dezrez MRI Real Estate Software Open View Powered by VTUK Osprey Approach Power Bespoke Reapit Redbrick Solutions Rex Software VECO by Eurolink

Integrating Coadjute.

Coadjute is easy to integrate with property software from any provider including your in-house system - regardless of the system you use.

Integrating with Coadjute is easy

Your software can connect to Coadjute through a simple API-based integration. Our powerful Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) then connects your users to the rest of the market with unprecedented reliability and security.

Once connected, multiple parties can securely access real-time data, providing a single source of truth for all and an invaluable overview of the whole process in one place.

Access to the Coadjute Network is by invitation only for our selected partners. Partner with us now to get started.

Get connected

Partner with Coadjute to get connected to our open network. Contact us and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how Coadjute can help add value to your software.

Coadjute makes it easy to get connected! We have created a simple five-step process to help you connect to Coadjute.

View our developer portal to explore our APIs and discover how to get connected.