Our Technology

Our technology features

Our technology uses a highly secure form of blockchain known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This enables the Coadjute Network to provide unparalleled security, privacy, and scalability. Along with our rich functionality, this provides your property software with additional value for you and your customers.

When Coadjute is integrated into your software you can benefit from the following features:

Your users do not need to replace their front-end systems to connect digitally. The leading software platforms currently used in the property market are integrating to Coadjute’s intelligent open network, so businesses can connect to each other and share data and documents through the software they already use today.

Property businesses do not need to entrust their data to a central hub. Coadjute uses DLT to securely pass data between property software platforms without ever centralising it. Property businesses continue to hold their data in their own secure environments, and the Coadjute Network moves it across the network when required. We don’t store it, and in fact, can’t even see it.

The Coadjute APIs provides your developers with additional functionality that can be seamlessly integrated into your technology. Our APIs are accessible via our developer portal and our team can help integrate these into your property software on your behalf.

The Coadjute Network provides resilience and interoperability with other property software platforms and systems. Coadjute’s network can integrate seamlessly with any property software platform, including in-house platforms.

The Coadjute Network operates in the cloud, providing huge scalability and flexibility to support fluctuations in volume.

Coadjute is delivered as a service with no hardware investments or installations and continuous additional functionality.

The intelligent network permits analytics such as monitoring, optimisation and fraud prevention. The Coadjute Network enables data to flow seamlessly between connected systems.

Our tech

Powered by R3 Corda Enterprise Blockchain

Our technology runs on R3 Corda Enterprise Blockchain, ensuring the highest levels of security, privacy, and confidentiality. This enables events, data, and documents to be easily and securely shared and tracked throughout the property transaction, using your property software.

As Coadjute is a peer-to-peer network, property software providers and their users have full control over their data and get their own API Gateway, DLT Application and dedicated node.

Each software provider is connected to the Coadjute Network via their own node. A node is a dedicated gateway to the Coadjute Network that enables the node owners (i.e. software providers) to connect and interact with other nodes on the network, allowing them to perform various activities including routing, messaging and business logic. The DLT Application provides business logic and automation in the network, and the API Gateway allows users to reach our APIs which provide access to the network features.

Unparalleled security

The Coadjute Network provides unparalleled security for your data.

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Resilience to fraudulent data manipulation

The Coadjute Network is built on enterprise DLT which establishes a trusted infrastructure between its participants, removing the risk of business email compromise.

Data is only shared on a need to know basis with parties involved in a transaction.

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A set of rules to make business transactions trustworthy

The Coadjute DLT Application provides the logic and rules behind the way the network operates, creating high levels of confidence in the data.

This means that access to the network requires a certificate or permission from Coadjute as the network operator, and users of the network must provide data according to a set of agreed rules.

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Easy and efficient data auditing

Data is encrypted and shared over the networks following the DLT protocol, providing protection against unauthorised intervention or fraudulent data manipulation.

Actions on the node are recorded as they are received, creating detailed audit logs.

Data flow  

On the Coadjute Network, there is no single central database. Instead, each software provider has its own node which maintains its own database as part of a decentralised shared ledger.

Each node contains an account for each one of the software providers’ users. The transaction is only visible to a party if they are involved in a particular part of a deal. This is what we call point-to-point transparency - ensuring higher levels of privacy whilst allowing real-time and synchronised visibility.

The result of this design is that each software provider only sees a subset of facts on the ledger, and no software provider is aware of the ledger in its entirety.

Deal Diagram

The graphic on the left shows how this works. Let’s take for example three parties on the Coadjute Network that are involved in a set of property deals.

This is what the parties will have visibility of:

  • The Broker is involved in deals 1,2 and 3 and will therefore see the events in relation to these deals.
  • The Lender is involved in deals 1,2 and 4 and will therefore see the events in relation to these deals.
  • The Conveyancer is involved in deals 2,3 and 4 and will therefore see the events in relation to these deals.

Gain insights from AI and machine learning technology

The property market generates an immense amount of transaction data. However, today this transaction data is inaccessible in its current form of emails and telephone calls.
Once available, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to this transaction data will produce valuable insights ranging from optimising property transactions to enabling better fraud prevention and detection.

The network creates a digital property market that is always open, actively tracking, monitoring, automating progress, analysing and learning how to optimise transaction workflows.

Approaches to connecting the property market

There have been three main approaches to connecting the property market.

Approach 1 Diagram

Approach 1: On-Premise  

Approach one is the most popular one in the property market today. With this approach, the industry benefits from database and internet technology. Estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders can view all their data within their own property software systems.

However, because connections between the software platforms are infrequent, records are kept in sync via manual interventions such as emails and calls between the parties.

Data is often siloed within the company systems, resulting in inefficient and costly steps to share and reconcile data across all parties. There is also no single source of truth, leading to conflicting information between parties.

Approach 2: Platform  

API connectivity and point-to-point integrations between some platforms is the second and less frequent approach used in the property market. However, this has created a ‘spaghetti type of connectivity' - everyone talking to everyone over different APIs with different data formats and calling semantics.

These APIs are both expensive and complex to set up, creating a significant cost for all businesses involved.

Each party still has to rely on manual interventions to keep other parties up to date where there was no point-to-point integration.

Approach 2 Diagram
Approach 3 Diagram

Approach 3: An Open Network  

Coadjute has now created an industry-wide shared-state-system through a single connection to consistent data on a permissioned shared ledger - providing a single source of truth. This is what we call the Coadjute Network.

Software providers no longer have to connect to other systems in an expensive and costly process.

They can now connect to Coadjute once and benefit from connecting to many.

The future of the property market

The Coadjute Network gives you the power of DLT, made accessible via APIs or white-label applications, fully hosted by Coadjute.

The Coadjute Network frees up data which today is stored across inconsistently connected software platforms, allowing this data to flow securely, privately and instantaneously between different software platforms.

This enables all parties involved in a property transaction to dramatically shorten processing times, reduce manual processing and remove duplicated messaging.

Get connected

Getting connected with Coadjute is easy. We have a team of experts who can integrate Coadjute for you smoothly into your property software platform. There are two simple ways to get connected:

Coadjute White-Label Applications  

Getting connected with our white-label applications is simple. These have been developed by the Coadjute team to be easily installed into your property software system.

Our team supports you with the integration and makes it straightforward to get connected.

Coadjute APIs  

You can also choose to get connected with Coadjute through our APIs. These are designed to be easy to integrate with any property software system.

Our developer portal is available to help guide your developers with the integration and our team will support you with this throughout our partnership.