Property market cooperation

Around 100,000 homes are bought and sold in the UK each month.

The process brings together estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders.

Today, coordination relies on endless phone-calls and emails, making the process complex and slow for everyone involved. These inefficiencies cost the industry billions in extra effort and sales lost to delays.

The Coadjute solution

The Coadjute Network solves this challenge by offering one simple integration that connects your property software to other software platforms across the entire property market.

Once connected, Coadjute gives multiple parties remote access to the same digital documents, creates a single source of truth for all and enables secure communication. This gives each party an invaluable overview of the whole process in one place, all from within your software.

We help improve the way each party involved in a transaction works together, so those using your property software spend less time chasing to follow up on the status of the deal and more time completing deals and creating a great experience for their customers.
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Property Software Providers

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